Meet Meredith, The force behind Red Hummingbird

Meredith Sadlowski, founder and CEO of Red Hummingbird, is an experienced operational strategist, world-class marketer, and brand thought leader, who has over a decade of experience working as an executive in the oil and gas industry. As a female, she is a minority in her industry and understands there is a strong need for the recruitment and advancement of women, and other diverse candidates.

Meredith is also a mother of three children, and has experienced the guilt that many women face when balancing a successful full-time career, and raising a family.

Inspired by women like herself, and those that are re-entering the workforce after caring for loved ones, Meredith committed to building a community to facilitate more diverse career opportunities, and to help ease the transition between working and parenting.

Speaking Engagement – Consulting – Executive Leadership – Mentoring